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Water is the Source of all Life! And in times of Climate Change and associated increasing Water Scarcity, it is an increasingly important resource that needs to be protected and conserved for tomorrow.

Pakwater & Beverages Pvt Ltd is committed to effective management of its bottled water (Agua Fresh) to provide a safe, high quality product that consistently meets, Pakistan Standards within WHO Guidelines, Customers & other Regulatory Requirements, and the Corporate Objectives & Vision.

We are committed to manage water from the source to operating procedures to consumer while promoting confidence in the supply of our bottled water (Agua Fresh) products. Further to incorporate the needs and expectations of our Customers, Stakeholders, Regulators and Employees to our Planning and Execution.

We are committed to meet the health-related requirements of WHO Guidelines and Pakistan Standards, and work to progressively improve the aesthetic quality of water supplied to our customers. All managers, staff and other employees involved in the supply of bottled drinking water are responsible for understandings, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the drinking water quality management system.

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