Agua Fresh is a Product of Pak Water & Beverages

Aguafresh is Bottled Water Brand in Pakistan, a product from Hydropak International and Pakwater & Beverages Pvt Ltd (Bottled Water Company in Pakistan). Pakwater & Beverages Pvt Ltd established in 2020, aimed to provide clean and safe drinking water which is clean, safe & accessible to everyone. Hydropak international is the parent company of Pakwater and has been working in the field of Engineering, Procurement, Energy & Construction since 2015. The company has carried out a number of drinking water supply schemes all over Pakistan with the financial support of different international donors.

For the last three years, Hydropak has installed more than 100 RO Plants (commercial & domestic) in Pakistan and completed a number of drinking water supply schemes. While working in far-flung remote areas and major cities, Hydropak felt that WATER is LIFE and CLEAN water is Healthier Life- and clean and safe drinking water is the right of everyone, this need and idea further led us to established Water Filtration Plants in international standards under the umbrella of Hydropak & Pakwater. The Best mineral water company and bottled water company in Pakistan based in Small Industrial Estate Taxila, Wah Cantt, Rawalpindi.

Hydropak & Pakwater launched its first pure, safe, and clean drinking bottled water in 2021 in Pakistan, to promote Pakistan Standards as local brands while in competition with other international brands in Pakistan- Using international standards of the water purification process. A State-of-the-Art Water Purification process gives you fresh Water at your doorstep. Our vision is to be the market leader in bottled water brands in Pakistan and our Mission is to provide clean and safe drinking water to everyone at an economical price.

Contact us for fresh, clean, and safe bottled water! You will find the best mineral water in Pakistan, Best bottled water in Pakistan and we all have to encourage local brands which are safe and use international standards purification process to avoid water-related diseases.

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Providing access of clean water at an affordable cost so everyone can enjoy healthy life.

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Our aim is to provide clean and pure drinking water to every household in Pakistan at an affordable price.

Our vision is to become the most favorite supplier of bottled water for the people of Pakistan.

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